The fireplace

Donate without spending a penny!

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The fireplace ( is a new initiative from Make a Change. It is the first digital fireplace that actually spreads warmth. For every second it’s active it donates money to Make a Change – that works to raise awareness and prevent bullying at work and in schools.

Why did we create

We are always searching for new solutions that are relevant for our donors. The public’s opinion is that it’s hard to donate to charity in general. That’s why it’s important to us to find new ways that actually is engaging. Through we give people the possibility to donate money, without having to spend anything more than a little of your computer’s or smartphone’s processing power.

Isn’t cryptojacking something bad?

Many websites have been cryptojacking without the visitor’s permission, which is bad. We are totally transparent that we lend a small amount of your computer’s processing power when you’re at You have to press the start button to start the generating process and we stop using your computer’s power as soon as you close the website window or tab.

How does it work? The short version.

When the fireplace is playing in your browser, 10% of your computer’s processing power is used to process the cryptocurrency Monero * – which then generates a reward. That reward goes to Make a Change. No money is withdrawn from you, it doesn’t cost you a thing – except a little bit of your computer’s processing power. We have chosen to use as little processing power as needed to make sure you can do what you usually do on your computer. The generated money will then be exchanged to regular currencies.

How much is generated?

Since the currency is based on a floating exchange rate it can change over time, but according to our measurements it’s generating approx. 5 Swedish Kronor every 24h. There’s not limit on how much you can generate.

Are there any risks using

No. We use a very small amount (10%) of your computer’s processing power. You do not pay anything and the website does not register any information about its visitors. It can’t give you any viruses and can’t reach your local files.

How does it work? The longer version.

The little more complicated explanation on how it works is for you who are a little more curious about how cryptocurrencies work in general. If you don’t understand the basics of decentralized currencies, it’s hard to understand the bigger picture.

Many people compare cryptocurrencies to how the internet is structured. That means that no one owns or are responsible for it, but all who are connected to the network contributes to it. There is no central point – the whole system is decentralized. No one is responsible, but at the same time everyone is.

And what does that mean for a currency?

Monero, and the other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, doesn’t have a bank or institution which is responsible to handle transactions or to maintain the currency. The work is crowdsourced, which means it’s distributed by all computers connected to the network where every single computer contributes with its processing power to complete the assignment.

The ones who contribute to the network is then rewarded for their work. All processing is made by small pieces called “blocks”, where every piece consists of all the latest events. The blocks are then encrypted and connect in a chain called “blockchain”. The whole process is called “mining” of the currency.

In the case of our fireplace you contribute to the work with handling transactions which is then rewarded with money that are donated to Make a Change.

Eager to know more?

A great intro is Don Tapscotts Ted Talk Video on the subject from 2016:

A (very) thorough video explanation:

And if you are the reading type MIT has this great article on bitcoin from 2011:

Coindesk explains the technology through comparing it to Wikipedia:

About Monero: usicians-such-as-mariah-carey-g-eazy-sia-for-holidays/#2f2baf4660eb